Seasonic MagFlow 1225 PWM Review


You don’t have to pay much attention to the installation of the MagFlow Fan. However, you should not forget to fully lock the connector on the fan by a slight pressure with your finger in the area of the electrical contacts, because the magnetic attraction is unfortunately not sufficient for this. Otherwise, a small gap remains and the contacts merely touch each other instead of being plugged into each other, which Seasonic also explicitly points out in the installation instructions.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong, a sticker was attached to the plug.

The following picture shows the correctly connected fan cable.

For the following practical testing, we connect three MagFlow 120 fans to a set, which is then used on a 360mm radiator to prove its performance. As expected, there were no problems or difficulties when connecting the individual fans. The integrated magnets pull the fan together by themselves from a distance of about 1cm, without having to readjust anything. The fans even hold together so strongly that you can carry them around and even shake them – nothing wobbles.

When installed, the Seasonic MagFlow 120 fans make an excellent impression. They look very high-quality and the single connection cable is particularly conducive to order in the PC case. For the following test, we intentionally use only the outer 4 screws to fix the fan assembly to check whether this causes early or increased vibrations.

Seasonic MagFlow 120 Test setup and results …