Seasonic MagFlow 1225 PWM Review

Result and general impression …

Outstanding workmanship, good cooling performance and much less cable clutter, that’s what you get from Seasonic in the form of the Seasonic MagFlow 1225 PWM fan for about 32 Euro each, although we clearly prefer the slightly cheaper three-pack.

In the set the advantages of the MagFlow fan come namely fully to bear. Significantly less installation effort and a better look due to much fewer cables that need to be installed.

There is little to complain about with the innovative MagFlow Fan. Only a 0-RPM mode in PWM operation would have been desirable for super quiet operation and friends of RGB will miss the missing lighting. Since the MagFlow 120 is the first fan of this design that Seasonic has released, we hope that perhaps more variants will follow, for example, in white or Seasonic MagFlow 140mm.

With this flawless performance in testing, the Seasonic MagFlow Fan receives a clear buy recommendation from us with the Purchase Tip Award 09/2023, because we wouldn’t be surprised if PC builders rely on “wireless” fans more often in the future.

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