SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB Review

Layout, design and features inside …

The SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB has a generous interior space, offering enough room for CPU coolers up to 161 mm high and graphics cards up to 325 mm long. The case appears stable and is manufactured to a very high standard. The rear side panel is also relatively stable, but not sound-dampened.

To control the pre-installed fans SilentiumPC has installed a 4-port fan/RGB splitter on the back of the motherboard, this supports 3Pin DC / 4Pin PWM fans as well as 12V 4Pin RGB. In case the motherboard does not have its own RGB controller or it is not used, SilentiumPC has included a RGB Nano Reset Controller, which is powered by a SATA connector. Via the connector on the reset button the programs of the controller can be switched through.

Beside the splitter there is space for 2 flat 2.5″ drives on the back of the mainboard and in the lower bay there are also the slots for the 3.5″ drives behind the section for the PSU. All in all it is quite narrow in this area and the optimal cable routing is not trivial.

The area for the board and the expansion cards, however, is tidy and voluminous. A sufficient number of cable openings in the rear wall and floor allow most cables to be routed largely hidden.

SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB Practical testing …