SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB Review

The Signum SG1X TG RGB from SilentiumPC has to assert itself in the wide range of RGB ATX enclosures with tempered glass. It scores with a large side panel and front panel, four pre-installed RGB fans, an stylish design, good workmanship and clever interior. In today’s review on we will see how the SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB performs.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support to swedeken and the Manufacturer SilentiumPC.

The SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB currently has a price of approx. 70 Euro (12/2019).

Here you can order the SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB case.

The delivery of the SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB case …

The case was delivered in a plain cardboard box with the contents printed on it. The case itself was well secured by two stable polystyrene trays.

Scope of delivery:

In the box there were some accessories beside the case.

  • Screw set for installation of PSU, mainboard & drives
  • Spacer for Mainboard
  • long screws for installation of further fans
  • Replacement rubber buffer for the discs
  • Cable ties
  • small loudspeaker to plug into the mainboard Front Panel Connector
  • 4-Pin 12V Nano Reset RGB Controller
  • Care cloth for the glass panes
  • manual

The manual does the trick, on two pages compact, understandable and with many pictures all important information about the case …

… and the installation of the hardware.

SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB technical specifications …