Thermaltake SWAFAN GT12 and GT14 Review

Layout, design and features …

The frame of the SWAFAN GT appears solid and torsion-resistant. At 233g (GT 14), it is also relatively heavy, which is probably due not only to the sturdy frame but also to the motor with hydraulic bearings and, above all, the metal hub of the fan blades. The hub measures an impressive 50mm in diameter (GT12 and GT14), which gives the fan blades a radius of around 35mm (GT12) and 45mm (GT14) respectively.

The design of the fan with a black surface, two small Thermaltake logos and the type of fan blade printed on it is rather unobtrusive.

The SWAFAN GT 12 and GT 14 are (so far) only available without RGB lighting.

The damping rubbers on the edges are dark gray and exceed the frame thickness by approx. 1 mm, which also ensures reasonable vibration damping on the housing.

The SWAFAN GT are equipped with short 4-pin PWM fan cables of approx. 20 cm, after approx. 8 cm a 4-pin coupling is inserted. This makes it easy to connect the fans in series. There are niches in the frame for the plug contacts, in which they can then be stowed away.

In this way, several fans can easily be connected together in a daisy chain without creating excess cable that is difficult to manage. The last fan of the daisy chain can then be extended further with the enclosed adapter cable (80+15cm) and connected to a fan controller or the mainboard.

Thermaltake SWAFAN GT12 and GT14 Installation …