Thermaltake SWAFAN GT12 and GT14 Review

Installation …

The most outstanding feature of the SWAFAN is, of course, the ability to exchange the fan blades depending on the intended use of the fan.

With even pressure from behind on the fan blade, it can be easily removed and replaced with another one.

Thermaltake supplies three possible versions for the GT 12 and GT 14:

– High Air Pressure: This fan blade is suitable for use on heat sinks and radiators. It generates a high static air pressure and thus ensures a good air flow even through fins and radiators.

– High Air Flow: This fan blade is designed for a high air flow. Especially when used as a housing fan, this ensures rapid air exchange and a sufficient supply of fresh air to the system.

– Reverse High Air Flow: This fan blade also ensures a high air flow, but reverses the flow direction. This means that the fan does not transport the air from the front to the rear, but blows it out the other way round to the front.

This is particularly useful for installations in visible cases with side catch grilles or if you want to install radiators in the front of the case with fans facing inwards. Fans with a normal flow direction would then have to be installed with the rear facing into the case for optimum airflow, which is generally not visually satisfactory.

Thermaltake SWAFAN GT12 and GT14 Test setup and results …