Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Review

The technical data des Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controllers …

Manufacturer Thrustmaster / Guillemot
Description eSwap Pro Controller
Compatibility PC + PlayStation 4 (R)
Weight without cables 321 Gramm
Connection Mirco-USB (to PC)
3.5mm jack socket (to headset)
Radio technology no
Length of supplied cable about 3m
RGB illumination no
Keys 4 action buttons on top (expandable to 6)
4 action buttons below (only as double assignment)
2 trigger buttons
2 analog triggers (interchangeable)
2 analog sticks (interchangeable)
4-way directional pad (interchangeable)
Home button
Share button
Options button
Mute switch for microphone
Profile selector key
Touchpad (functionless under Windows)
Motion sensors no
Integrated loudspeaker no
Materials Gummed analogue sticks and side hand rests
otherwise plastic
Profiles 2, configurable via PC software.
Profiles stored on the controller.
Lifetime D-pad + action buttons 5 million activations
Analogue sticks 2 million activations
Guarantee 2 years warranty

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