Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Review

Software …

To get that last bit of precision or comfort out of the eSwap Pro controller, Thrustmaster offers the Thrustmapper application for PC. The trick is that 2 differently configured profiles can be permanently stored on the controller and are therefore also available on the PS4. But let’s have a look at what the software has to offer. When the program starts, the application checks if a firmware update is available for the controller with an existing internet connection and offers it for installation if necessary.

During our test, a newer version was available online, which we installed immediately. Fortunately, the update procedure went smoothly and quickly.

On the start page of the Thrustmapper software the controller is displayed in its current configuration from above.

… and shown below.

On the “Mapping” page each key can be assigned the desired function on the respective profile …

… and the rear 4 buttons can also be deactivated if required.

Under “Ministicks” the right and left analog stick can be configured independently of each other for both profiles. It is possible to adjust the size of the dead zone in the zero position according to your wishes, as well as to move the maximum value further inwards. In addition, a linear, progressive or degressive output curve can be set via 3 points. No wishes remain open!

With the L2/R2 triggers an offset can be set independently of each other at least at both end positions.

Finally, the maximum vibration intensity for the left and right side can be set independently of each other again.

Now we know what the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro controller can do. But how does it perform in practice?

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Practical testing …