Thrustmaster TH8A Review

Installation and operation …

We have already clarified, that the quality of the shifter is very good. But what about the games ?

We have installed the following software:
– Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
– Thrustmaster TH8RS Tool v1.0.7.0
– Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter Control Panel
– Euro Truck Simulator 2 +Going East and High Power Cargo Pack DLC
– Assetto Corsa

Let us start with a simulation that has most likely drawn the attention even of the most stubborn Simulator enemies.

Gaming test with the ECS Euro Truck Simulator 2 …

We are talking about the Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Almost every car driver is upset about the masses of trucks that drive on a daily basis freeways and highways. In this game, you switch to the other side and learn at first hand how hard it is to set up a transport company and to thrive in particular. Tight deadlines and special deliveries require a lot of skill. Let us begin, however, first with the settings for the H-Shifter. In the options, there are several points in order to optimize the circuit according to your wishes. Here, we use the manual H-Shift including the clutch, which is mapped by our Thrustmaster T500RS pedals.

Unfortunately, the whole thing also has a catch. As with many trucks the circuits tend to have far more than the 7 gears that presents the TH8A available. But also here offers us the Euro Truck Simulator 2 a wide range of switching options. We opt for the split gear system 2,4,6,8,10,12 and so need only 6 gears + reverse.

And then during the game, we are convinced how well it works.

It creates a high level of realism and also offers the experienced truck driver a good simulation, even when it comes to approaching the trailer backwards to the loading dock and constantly correct back and forth.

By skipping gears, we are also not forced to switch as often, and we can thus concentrate more on driving.

If that is too boring, we are sure our next game is of greater interest for you …

Gaming test with Assetto Corsa …

Now we come to the new racing highlight of the year 2014/2015.
At least for realism, Assetto Corsa has the expectations of many followers more than fulfilled. But what a pity, very few modern racing cars still use an H-pattern shift-plates to change gears.

Most of the cars have two paddles mounted on the steering wheel, which are accomplished the shift. And so there is in the game also no way the H-pattern of the TH8A is being used. While there are few vehicles that support, but for most racing cars you are able to use the sequential pattern function of TH8A shifter.

This makes sense anyway, because like in any good racing game with many curves, it is necessary to switch up and down often to reach the correct speed. If you go then, in an old Porsche with H-pattern, it is twice as much fun to cycle through the programs.

Thanks to the Hall effect sensors you dont have to be afraid to damage the Unit so you can really kick in the gears. Unfortunately, the circuit paths through the long poles are a little far, so you have quite a stir in some situations, to switch very quickly between 3 courses. Although it happens rarely, but from time to time you connected to the change in the 5th gear and getting in the 7th gear.

With some practice, you should get a safe and reliable switching operation here.

Thrustmaster TH8A gearshift Result and general impression …