Aerocool Modern-V Double Bay Panel Fan Controller Review

The technical data …

Dimensions: The overall height is 86 mm, the width is 150 mm and the depth is 65 mm. The diagonal of the color LCD is about 135mm.

Weight and material: The weight of the plastic fan controller is approx. 250 gram including cables.

Drive bays: There are 2x 5.25 inch bays necessary for the assembly.

Fan controls: 4x fans can be controlled with up to 6 Watt each (approx. 0.5 Ampere at 12 Volt) according to Aerocool. The cable of the four 3-pin fan connectors is about 70cm, whereby the fans have the following names: Fan 1 = CPU, Fan 2 = VGA, Fan 3 = HDD and Fan 4 = System. The operating range is specified in percent: between 60% (+100 rpm) and 90% of the fan speed.

Temperature Sensors: The cable of the four foil sensors is about 70cm, whereby the temperature sensors have the following names: Sensor 1 = CPU, Sensor 2 = VGA, Sensor 3 = HDD and Sensor 4 = System. The temperature range of the bargraph is between 35°C and 70° Celsius (95-157 Fahrenheit) and the adjustable alarm range is between 25°C and 95°C.

Miscellaneous: It is possible to set the temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit. The maximum measured operating range was up to 11.86V at 12.02V operating voltage. A Piezo buzzer is used for the alarm output, but it cannot be deactivated.

A picture of the cooled B772L transistors:

Layout, Design and Features of the Aerocool Modern-V Fan Controller …