AeroCool Project7 P7-C1 Tempered Glass Edition Review

Layout, Design and Features – exterior …

We start first with an image of the AeroCool Project7 P7 C1 chassis that we have reviewed in the Tempered Glass Edition.

Based on the technical details some will have noticed already, that this case has no more 5 1/4 inch drive bays. At this point, everyone have to decide, if the simple design or 5.25-inch bays are more important. Even our reviewers have different opinions: I would prefer the 5.25-inch bays for Blu-ray writer, LCD display, fan controller, SSD frame or similar.

On the left side of the case (in driving direction right 😉 ) you can see the high-light of Tempered Glass Edition. A heavy glass, which is secured with four thumbscrews. The spacer screws should be even slightly better, since the thread are not very clean cut in our sample. You can replace these with commercially available distance screws.

The other side is not quite as spectacular, but nice and simple.

Now let’s look at the rear of the enclosure with a fan at the top, in addition to the I/O Panel recess, including mesh slot brackets and at the bottom the hole for the power supply.

Also the top consists of large louvers that provide good air circulation. The top can also be equipped with up to two 120 fans.

Here we see from left to right two 3.5 mm jacks for a headset, micro SD, SD card slot, button for the lighting and RGB effects, reset button with LED, power button with LED, two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports.

Useful is the built-in MicroSD card slot …

… and the SD card slot, which you must get a little off, that the card is inserted slightly oblique.

Finally, let’s take a look at the AeroCool Project7 P7-C1 bottom and see four rubber pads for safely and securely stand.

We want to spoil a little at this point, how beautiful the fully assembled system can look.

Available colours are white, cyan, blue, violet, red, orange, yellow and green, that are changed in this order over the top button. It can be set to continuously led lighting, breathing or pulse. A couple of interactive animations shows AeroCool on their product web page.

On the following screen, you can see the illumination of the front.

AeroCool Project7 P7-C1 Layout, Design and Features Interior …