Antec H2O H1200 Pro Review

Conclusion and overall impression …


The Antec H2O H1200 Pro tries to make some details different from the competitors. Some changes to the radiator, as well as the (unfortunately not optional switchable) lighting of the pump know to please. The toolless mounting on the processor, on the other hand, proved to be inadequate, even the somewhat rigid hoses are not ideal.

However, if the cooler is properly (!) installed to the CPU, this low-cost 240mm AIO cooling creates very good cooling results. At the volume, the water cooling H1200 Pro is unfortunately less convincing. The fans could be exchanged for quieter models, but as the pump rotates comparatively slowly at 3500 rpm, it will not help to integrate a potentiometer.

Overall, you can say: lots of cooling with a certain style factor for little money; which is however bought by a more difficult assembly and louder components.

With this good price / performance ratio the Antec H2O H1200 Pro gets the budget award!

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