Arctic Freezer 7 X Review

Today we test on the new Arctic Freezer 7 X cooler, which is very compact and designed for AMD as well as for current Intel sockets. Of course you can’t expect miracles from a 92mm fan on such a small heatsink and although it is multi-compatible, there may be space problems on some motherboards. How we solved this on the brand new Intel LGA1200 ASRock Steel Legend motherboards and if the extremely affordable Freezer 7 X cooler from Arctic has enough cooling power for an Intel Core i5 CPU, we show in the following review with thermal images and 360 degree view.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the manufacturer Arctic.

At the review date, the Arctic Freezer 7 X is available from approx. 19 Euro.

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The delivery of the Arctic Freezer 7 X …

On the front of the box you can see not only a picture of the Freezer 7X, but also the warranty Arctic gives on this cooler, which is 6 years.

On the back of the box there are already some details explained, such as how the Fluid Dynamic Bearing works and the push-pins as well as the bracket, which is very important, as will be seen later.

The packaging is again Arctic like exemplary, as it shows all important technical data and the contents. The only thing left to do is to place a schematic installation instruction in the lid and bottom, whereby it is of course up to Arctic whether they place Intel or AMD in the top lid 😀

And Arctic has even thought about environmental friendliness, as can be seen from the Carbon Neutral logo on the lid.

This is included in the delivery package …

After opening the box, you can see very clearly that the accessories have been stored separately from the cooler.

As mentioned above, the cooler is not supplied with any printed installation instructions. There is only a QR Code link to the Arctic Freezer 7 X instructions on the web. Besides the QR Code there is also an Arctic Support Note and the mounting frame for AMD and Intel sockets including the four pushpins. Then of course the Freezer 7 X cooler with pre-mounted fan and MX-2 thermal paste. Further accessories like backplate and screws are not necessary for this cooler, but a small tube of additional thermal paste would not have hurt.

Arctic Freezer 7 X technical specifications …