Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack Review

Layout, design and features interior …

The case offers a surprising amount of space inside, so that relatively large graphics cards and even custom water cooling systems can be accommodated without any problems.

All covers can be detached from the housing with a small tug, as they are simply clipped on. Nevertheless, they are solid metal covers. All sides can be removed for easier installation of the components.

Cooler Master uses an additional IEC cable that runs from the rear panel to the power supply unit installed in the front. With a large power supply unit or when mounted on top, the power supply unit can be moved slightly and there are 3 positions to choose from.

Because the front panel is a bit tight there. Large power supply units must be installed right at the top so that it still works with the connections.

There is enough space behind the mainboard tray for good cable management. You can also install either 3x 2.5″ SSD/HDD here …

… or 1x 3.5″ HDD and 1x 2.5″ SSD/HDD.

A 3.5″ HDD can also be installed in the lid and base as well as in the fold-out bracket. But then, of course, at the expense of the usable radiator area or fan slots.

There is a small disadvantage with the inverter design. This is because the front panel cannot be mounted on the top. As a result, the USB connection and the headset connection would be somewhat awkward to use. Depending on the USB connector version, you have to lift the housing slightly to plug it in. However, the power button is easy to reach at all times. So if you want to use the case inverted, it is advisable to place the case as far as possible to the front edge on the table.

Inside, the Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack case therefore offers sufficient space with the components recommended by the manufacturer and even allows slight variations in size depending on the configuration, such as the power supply unit.

Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack Result and general impression …