Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB Review

Layout, design and features …

The Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB is a 240 mm All in One complete solution. As usual pump and radiator form a firmly connected unit and of course this unit is maintenance-free again. Therefore you do not have to care about the water level etc. after the installation. The pump has a patented two-chamber design with a central radiator inlet with a patented shunt-channel technology (SCT).

Also with the Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB the processing of the radiator is flawless and the fins are not only cleanly processed …

… but also free from varnish noses.

Here you can see the fins again in detail.

The flat profile of only 27 mm is advantageous for smaller housings.

There is a filler neck, but it’s sealed.

A copper base was mounted on the pump. On this there is the usual protective foil, which is provided with a warning.

After removing the protective film, a perfectly machined surface appears.

The pump uses a 3-pin connector for power supply, which is of course compatible with the usual PWM 4-pin connections. There is also an adapter available to supply the pump with power via a SATA connector.

The logo on the pump …

… as well as the white stripe running around the pump are RGB illuminated.

The fans of Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB have an optimized, dual-convex blade fan design, which should allow a good throughput and pressure. The technical data is also printed.

There are rubber pads on the edges again for decoupling.

Typical RGB 4-pin connections were used for lighting.

The fans are illuminated very evenly.

In the following video the control of the lighting is done by a compatible mainboard, because there is no RGB control included. If the motherboard does not have a RGB controller, you can get a RGB controller for small amount of money for example from Amazon. In our example video you see the lighting in action, the wave mode is selected.

Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB Installation …