Fractal Design North Review

Combination of design and technology! The Swedish manufacturer Fractal Design presents us with the North PC case not only a technical component, but also a designer object that can be integrated discreetly and elegantly into the living room like a piece of furniture as hardly any other PC case before. Our following review of the Fractal North Charcoal Black with mesh side panel and Fractal North Chalk White TG Clear with tempered glass side panel reveals whether the North just looks damn good or also offers good airflow and enough space for large coolers and many fans.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Daniel and the manufacturer Fractal Design.

The Fractal North PC case has depending on the version at review date a price of approx. 170 up to 180 Euro.

Fractal skilfully uses metallic contrasts in the North, which are stylishly complemented with real wood applications, and completely forgoes RGB lighting. This results in 4 different design variants from the two basic colors black and white.

The North is available in two different base colors. The Charcoal Black variant is dominated by dark colors, such as black and applications in brass tones. In addition, the front fan cover consists of a real wood grill made of walnut. In contrast, the Chalk (chalk) White variant impresses with bright white tones and silver applications, as well as a fan cover made of oak wood. Both versions are available with either a tempered glass side panel, or a mesh side panel for improved airflow. For a good comparison of the designs, we test the black North Charcoal Black and compare it to the white North Chalk White TG Clear case.

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The delivery of the Fractal North PC Case …

The Fractal Design North is distributed online and therefore does not require elaborate packaging, which saves resources and costs. However, the carton survived the rough transport to us well with a few damages.

Despite a hole in the upper part of a cardboard box, the casing remained intact during transport. The sturdy foam and the sufficiently large distance between the box and the casing protected the product well. And even the inside of the box looks appealing.

There stands the North PC case in Charcoal Black and mesh side panel in its full glory.

And this is how the North PC case looks in Chalk White with TG Clear side panel.

Accessories …

Fractal supplies an additional bracket with the mesh variant, with which up to 2 additional fans can be mounted on the side to be able to convey even more fresh air into the case.

A small accessory box with various fastening materials is also included.

An info sheet provides information on what to do in case of transport damage and the like, and the printed user manual helps when the battery of the smartphone is empty 😉

Here’s a Short on YouTube on our OCinside YouTube channel, where you can see the differences between the different enclosures.
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Fractal Design North technical specifications …