Lioncast LX50 Review

Field test …

As always, we would like to point out that our audiotest is about subjective impressions.

Sound test in practice …


If you have already tried one or other closed headphones from the middle and low price segment, you know this special sound characteristics. Slightly tense, giddy and more bass-like … you may like, but you do not have to. The Lioncast LX50 is formally closed, but does not sound like that. In this case, you do not get claustrophobia sound, it seems to be more balanced as with half-open headphones.

As a typical gaming headset, however, you can not expect sound wonders. With a corresponding source material you can not recognize a rough carver, but the middle-emphasized sound, gives only little aha-experiences.

Since it is a gaming headset and not a studio headphone, we find the sound absolutely satisfactory. If you like explosions, you should turn the bass in your audio settings more strongly.

Also with the isolation to the outside the LX50 headset lies somewhere between closed and semi-open. There is therefore something of noise to the outside, but clearly dampened.

Thanks to the flexible swivel arm, the microphone can be infinitely positioned and can be folded away quickly if required. The swivel arm is relatively short and thus does not lie centrally in front of the mouth. Usually, however, it does not have to, since the sensitivity is good enough.

The voice quality is absolutely sufficient for the gaming, thus in the widest sense communication area. It is only noticeable that when the + 20dB level is raised by Windows, a minimal reverb effect occurs.

In order to convince yourself of the recording quality, we have provided a short sound example:

Wearing comfort…

For the comfort there is little to complain about. Thanks to its low overall weight and thick padding, the headset is very comfortable.

For users with large ears, the rather small auricles might cause them to lie on their ears. The included velor covers make the auricles slightly softer and are especially popular with users who tend to perspire under the artificial leather.

In addition to the position of the microphone, you can only adjust the length of the bracket. This is possible within a sufficient range, so that everything from the teenager to the fat skull is covered. In the metal bracket depressions are allowed to engage at a set position. These are, however, unfortunately so flat that there is almost no snap-in effect. There is a need for improvement.

Even as a spectacle wearer you can forget that you are wearing a headset. So there is nothing to complain about.

Lioncast LX50 conclusion and overall impression …