ASRock B660 Steel Legend Motherboard Review

++++ If you are currently using an older system with DDR4 RAM and want to switch to Socket 1700 for the future, you can get a solid motherboard for currently about 175 Euro with the ASRock B660 Steel Legend.

Even though the B660 chipset cuts down on some exciting overclocking and features, ASRock has made the best of it and offers a well-equipped motherboard in the mid-range price segment. If you invest about 30 Euro more, the board can also be expanded with any M2 (Key E) network card with Bluetooth and WiFi.

With this great overall package, we can safely give the ASRock B660 Steel Legend motherboard our Purchase Tip Award.

Here you can order the ASRock B660 Steel Legend at a reasonable price.

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Special thanks to ASRock for their support.

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