Masterkleer Tube Review

Masterkleer tube features …

After we have opened the box, we first have a look at the tube. We decided for the 13/10mm version in UV blue. It looks cleanly manufactured, but a bit labile compared to normal tubes for water cooling.

Even on closer inspection there is nothing to criticize. The tube is as described very flexible and the blue tone is well hit. If you pick up a UV light source, the tube glows accordingly.

Masterkleer also offers the tube as a BPA free version. In this case there are no plasticizers in the tube. This has more or less no disadvantages, but the physical properties change. So the BPA free version can withstand up to 4 bar and can only be used in a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C. However, this would only be important if the water cooling is used in extreme ranges, for example with a chiller at sub-zero temperatures.

But now enough of the whole theory, we come to the installation and the practical test.

Masterkleer UV tube installation and practical test …