Masterkleer Tube Review

The 80s are back! Almost, because today on we are testing an extremely flexible UV tube for water cooling from the company Masterkleer. In the following review we show how this tube can be used and whether it lives up to Masterkleer’s promises.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support with the test to Itchi.

The set with 3.3m Masterkleer UV tube currently has at review date a price of about 15 Euro.

Here you can buy the Masterkleer tube. *Ad

The delivery of the Masterkleer tube …

Masterkleer delivers the tube in a blue, fully printed cardboard box. The design looks good in our eyes and indicates how flexible the tube is.

On the back of the packaging we find a short text with the most important product information. The wording discreetly underlines that you are holding a tube from the premium segment in your hands.

Now we come to the technical data.

Masterkleer UV tube technical data …