Masterkleer Tube Review

Test setup and results …

Before we begin with the installation, we present our test system …

CPU AMD Ryzen 1600X
Graphics card Palit 1070Ti Dual
Power supply Antec HGC750
Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro

… including water cooling as usual.

Pump Aqua Computer Aquastream Ultimate
Expansion tank Aqua Computer Aquainlet PRO 100 ml
Radiators 1x240mm / 1x 320mm
CPU Cooler Aqua Computer Cuplex Kryos XT

After we have disassembled the old tubes, we see the “naked” system, which is ready for a new tubing.

A little more difficult than expected the tube can be pushed over the grommets, which is to be rated however positively, since the tube sits so also without fixation first firmly. As we also see, Masterkleer didn’t promise too much with the bending radius.

Here again from another perspective.

A few tubes later, by the way without any problems so far, it turns out that even longer distances can be laid without problems.

Slowly our rebuilding is coming to an end.

Finally connect the last radiator, fill up with water and we’re done.

When filling and venting, the UV lighting is visible even in room light.

The effect is visually beautiful in any case.

After the tube has shown what it can do, we now come to our conclusion.

Masterkleer tube result and overall impression …