3D Printer Klipper Guide

Preparation for Klipper – this is necessary …

– Anycubic Mega S 3D printer (other printers can also be operated according to these instructions)
– Raspberry Pi (Pi Zero W is enough if you don’t stream video)
– USB type A to type B cable (connection between Raspberry Pi and 3D printer)
– Power supply including power cable suitable for the used Raspberry Pi
– SD card with min. 8GB suitable for the Raspberry Pi
– network cable, if you use a Raspberry Pi without wifi
– PC/Mac with card reader to prepare the SD card for the Raspberry
Internet access
A slicer program (e.g. Cura or Pronterface) to play the new firmware on the Anycubic Mega S 3D printer.

Software Downloads …

Raspberry Imager Download
Raspberry Imager is necessary to prepare the SD card for the Raspberry.

Putty Download
Putty is required to establish an SSH connection to the Raspberry and to perform configurations on the Raspberry.

WinSCP Download
WinSCP is a clear file manager to easily exchange data between the PC/Mac and the Raspberry.

Continue with the installation …