Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 Review

For a while it was pretty quiet around the Arctic water coolers, but now the Swiss company is starting to conquer the PC cases of the water cooler fans again. Our detailed review on will show whether the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO water cooler introduced today will be able to do this. This special AIO was not only developed for CPU cooling and so there were some surprises during the tests. Enjoy reading!

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support to Daniel and the Manufacturer Arctic.

The Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 currently has a price of approx. 70 Euro (10/2019).

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The delivery of the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 …

Arctic’s new 280mm AIO water cooler comes in a compact cardboard box with discreet print in typical Arctic blue. Arctic has focused on the essentials in the design of the packaging and has not overloaded it with a list of countless features and gimmicks. But the angular and fissured design of the pump/cooler combination immediately catches the eye. We’ll tell you what it is all about later.

A look at the back of the package reveals more details about the new design of the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 water cooler.
The most important information is:
– a PWM controllable quiet pump
– an additional 40mm fan for cooling the VRMs on the mainboard
– the ingenious cable routing

How much of it proves to be a real benefit for the user, or not, will be shown by our practical testing. But let’s finally open the box and take a close look at the new Arctic AIO water cooling system.

This is included in the delivery package …

Inside the cardboard box we see the CPU cooling block protected by a cardboard sleeve and a box with the accessories. The large 280mm radiator is located under another layer of cardboard.

In addition to the actual cooling system …

… we receive the following accessories. A little more than 0.8g of the in-house, excellent MX-4 thermal paste should have been it, however, already. We would have been very happy about the quantity of 8g stated on the packaging, but the imprint was corrected for the finished packaging 😉

A short manual is not included with the product and the QR Code link to the online product page was unfortunately not active at the time of testing. Soon the Online Arctic Liquid Freezer II Manual with all important mounting instructions should be officially activated.

Let’s take a look at The technical data to see what sophisticated detail solutions the Swiss designers came up with at Arctic.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 technical specifications …