Asetek WaterChill Xternal Water Cooling Review

Here is a picture of the complete Waterchill Xternal Cooling Base Unit. The processing of the black anodized aluminum chassis is absolutely exemplary and even after checking thoroughly all edges, there’re no processing errors visible. Really extremely nice and nevertheless very useful … 😉

The front is well finished and equipped with a blue/white 20×2 text LCD. The display indicates only the signature of Asetek on the first start-up and becomes in the later process with the provided Software as helpful presentation of different important data. More details about the display and the Asetek LCD software in the further test process.

Here’s a view of the top side, with the two chrome 120mm fan grills, the filler plug and the laterally attached cooling water level.

Here’s another picture of the fan grills and the big filler plug.

On the lower surface the other two 120 mm are mounted on a steel panel.

The back shows the most important part of the cooling unit, because here are the two 10 mm fittings for the tubes, the 12 V power supply and the USB plug. The two 10mm (3/8″) push-in fittings are tight installed and are still very tight with somewhat diagonally cutted tubes.

This picture shows one of the overall four integrated 120mm low noise Adda fans.

Here’s the empty water reservoir, which is also used to get the air out of the cooling system. Very easy to check the current water level.

For the first filling and if necessary for refilling the water, Asetek put a large refilling screw on the top side of the chassis, which leads the water directly into the water reservoir. A small funnel is nevertheless necessary to fill the system with distilled water.

The accessories of the Asetek Waterchill Xternal Water Cooler …