Cooler Master MasterFan Pro RGB Fan and RGB Controller Review

Installation …

The installation of the fans is the same as with any other fan – there are no differences.

For the RGB control, the fans must also be connected to the RGB controller. The connectors are each marked with an arrow, so you can clearly see how they have to be plugged together using the connectors.

It is advisable to make an initial thought about the assignment to the RGB controller, or at least to remember which fan is connected to port 1, port 2, etc. So you do not have to first try to control which lighting is connected and what it does. You should also connect the fan, which is best seen, to the RGB port 2 if possible. More on this later.

Due to the additional cables a not inconsiderable sorting effort is created. When we first equipped the RGB controller for 3 fans, it looked slightly confusing:

However, we have managed with a little patience to let the cables run properly and the controller is hidden behind the hard drive cage.

We were able to build a fan in the front of the test case …

… a fan on the CPU cooler …

… and fan at the rear panel.

Cool Master MasterFan Pro RGB fan benchmark values and test results …