Cooler Master MasterFan Pro RGB Fan and RGB Controller Review

Benchmark values and test results …

First, we measured the fans in the removed state with a dB meter from a distance of 100cm. In addition, we determined the respective speed.

120mm Air Flow …

40% 31dB 410rpm
60% 32dB 615rpm
80% 33dB 830rpm
100% 35dB 1050rpm

140mm Air Flow …

40% 30dB 360rpm
60% 32dB 510rpm
80% 33dB 6700rpm
100% 35dB 870rpm

120mm Air Balance …

40% 30dB 490rpm
60% 32dB 700rpm
80% 33dB 1010rpm
100% 35dB 1315rpm

Interesting: All 3 models ran at 40% below the minimum speed specified by Cooler Master. As soon as we reduced the speed even further, the fans partly no longer ran reliably. We reached the specified minimum speed at approx. 50% -> we will see this value later in another context.

All 3 models had a pleasant non-disturbing fan noise over the complete speed range. We noticed, however, that slight running noise is created, as soon as the fans are mounted upwards blowing.

Next we tested the fans as a case fan. In the test system, an AMD A6 5400K APU is installed, which we overclocked to 4.9 GHz at 1.55V (default: 3.6 GHz at 1.35V).
The integrated GPU we also overclocked to 1266 MHz at 1.4V (default 800 MHz at 1.2V).
The cooler is an Alpenfoehn Brocken with a Noiseblocker M12-P fan which was fixed to 80%.
For the test, we ran Prime95 and the Unigine Heaven benchmark for 30 minutes at the same time to maximize the CPU and GPU load. We have determined the CPU and mainboard temperature once with an open and then closed housing (without housing fan) to get reference values. The room temperature was about 25°C thanks to the summer.

Then we installed the Cooler Master fans as a case fan and run on 100%.

It is easy to see that a housing fan alone does not make a big difference, even though at the rear the power supply transports warm air out of the housing. Only if a front and rear fan work together, the temperatures approach the open housing. It is also interesting that the 120mm Air Balance fans in this case lie almost on the same level with the 140mm Air Flow fans. Since only a 120mm Air Flow fan was available, we could not test this as a duo.

Cool Master MasterFan Pro RGB fan with RGB controller practice test …