Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 Review

The Software …

The installation of the software was easy.

The software immediately informs us that the firmware of the keyboard is not up to date.

Supported by our APC Back-UPS PRO 900 UPS the update went off without any problems. A possible power failure at the wrong time could have fatal consequences with firmware or BIOS updates without additional protection mechanism and would have meant the end of the test report at this point. Mission accomplished!

Cooler Master advertises its software to be very user-friendly and puristic. This is also reflected in the configuration interface of the color and mode selection. The different lighting modes can be viewed on the Cooler Master page.

Thanks to the macro function, we can now program multiple keystrokes and run them one after the other.

The next key assignment function only offers no added value at first glance. Although almost every computer game offers the possibility to freely change the key assignments, we consider the function of deactivating keys to be very useful. How many times have you pressed the “T” or “E” key instead of the reload key, inadvertently activating the rage mode?

Once we have made all our favourite settings, we can save them as a profile so that we can call them up again at any time.

Let’s now come to our practical test, in which the keyboard has to prove itself in daily life.

Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 Keyboard practical testing …