Enermax T.B.RGB AD Review

Test results …

The test system generates only a slightly perceptible noise, but even at a distance of 1.5 meters it still drowned out the volume of the fans. The T.B.RGB AD fans were not audible. Even at highest speeds the fans were only noticeable from a distance of approx. 15cm with a low noise.

How the temperature values and the noise change depending on the fan speed and PC load, we recently found out using the Enermax T.B. Silence ADV 120 and 140 fans in Enermax T.B. Silence ADV Practical testing and the nearly identical Enermax T.B.RGB fans in Enermax T.B.RGB Practical testing. In today’s test we will therefore go into more detail about the new RGB effects of the addressable RGB fans.

We connected and tested the Enermax T.B.RGB AD in an open environment. To test the different effects we used the included RGB controller.

On the controller you can adjust the effects once with the upper two arrow keys. Here a small LED lights up green.

Use the M button to adjust the speed (LED lights up red), the brightness (LED lights up blue) or an Autorun (LED lights up yellow). In autorun mode the effects below change randomly.

Da Bilder die Effekte nicht annähernd gut darstellen können, haben wir das Ganze in einem kleinen Video festgehalten.

Since pictures can’t represent the effects nearly well, we have captured the whole thing in a small video.

The effects are shown in the following order in our OCinside YouTube Channel video: Racing Rainbow, Breathing Rainbow, Flash Rainbow, Overlaying Rainbow, Flow Rainbow, Color Authorun, Ripple Authorun, Overlaying Red, Overlaying Green, Overlaying Blue.

Enermax T.B.RGB AD RGB Effekte

Enermax T.B.RGB AD Result and general impression …