ASRock W480 Creator Intel LGA1200 Motherboard Review

Energy consumption …

Of course, the system’s energy consumption always depends on the installed components and their load. So that we could measure a reasonably accurate value, we only equipped the motherboard with 2 RAM modules, the CPU, an M.2 SSD as well as the CPU water cooling. By the way, all benchmark values and the overclocking values can be found in our Intel Xeon W-1290 test.

We measured an idle power consumption of 51 watts. Under full load and with the Intel Xeon W-1290’s power limits removed, the power consumption was 306 watts. The motherboard temperature did not rise too much, which speaks for the good passive cooling of the W480 Creator.

How high the power costs of the PC are with or without overclocking depending on the performance and running time can be calculated with our interactive PC power cost calculator:

Interactive power consumption Calculator

ASRock W480 Creator Result and general impression …