Vivify Aceso W10 and Vivify Arquus W73 Review

Finest RGB cables! 6 products are currently in the range of the Taiwanese manufacturer Vivify, but these are unique products. It sounds all the more surprising when you hear that these are cables. We have tested two HDMI cables and the USB-A to USB-C cable from them. What is special about these cables and whether it is worth buying them is revealed in our following review here on

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Daniel and the manufacturer VIVIFY.

Our test field includes three products this time.

The VIVIFY ACESO W10 is an USB-A to USB-C cable with static illumination and costs about 25 Euro at the time of testing (03/2021).

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Our second candidate is the VIVIFY ARQUUS W73. This is an 18Gbps HDMI fiber optic cable with touch control for RGB lighting. At 2.7m long, its price is about 90 Euro. For a 4.5m long version, about 120 Euro are due (03/2021).

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The VIVIFY ARQUUS W73Ø is the third cable in the test and also an 18Gbps HDMI fiber-optic cable. It offers dual RGB lighting and can be controlled via USB using software. The price for it at the time of testing is about 100 Euro (03/2021).

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Also in the VIVIFY range are 48Gbps HDMI cables in copper and fiber optic versions. However, these cables are unlit and are not available to us.

The delivery of the VIVIFY RGB cable …

The cables come with a small manual, a warranty card, a test certificate and a sticker. The cables are wrapped with two Velcro cable ties each, which can be opened and closed comfortably. In addition, the Touch version of the VIVIFY ARQUUS W73 cable comes with a short, optional USB connection cable, which we will mention later in the test.

Next, let’s look at The technical data of VIVIFY cable in detail.

VIVIFY RGB cable technical data …