ASRock ION330HT-BD Blu Ray HTPC Review

Connect the ASRock ION330HT-BD Blu Ray PC …

Here is the complete rear side with all connections of the ASRock ION330HT-BD HTPC:

For audio and video output e.g. HDMI connection is available, which can be attached with a HDMI cable, for example directly to a HDTV LCD panel. Alternatively a conventional 15-pol D-Sub connector is available, and thanks to the provided HDMI to DVI adapter one can also connect the HTPC with a DVI cable. With a DVI or with a Sub-D VGA connection one has to connect the audio signal separately either by up to five 3.5mm jacks or by the optical output. In the BIOS it is possible to activate or deactivate the digital audio output to HDMI, depending upon desire.

A Composite A/V video output, i.e. for a SCART connection is not available, but one would cast pearls before swine, if one would only operate this 1080p capable system instead of the 1920×1080 pixels with maximum SCART resolution of 768×576 pixels.

Down to the right is another connection, which is important for many users: E-SATA. This E-SATA connection is Powered and can supply external drives with this connector. If one would not like to use it for E-SATA devices, one can use it as an additional USB 2.0 port, which is also Powered.

And if one would like to equip the HTPC with a DVB-T, a DVB-S or DVB-T card, one can directly attach up to six USB 2.0 devices externally. BTW, there is not a USB connector integrated into the front of the chassis.

For a network connection, the ASRock ION330HT-BD offers 1 Gigabit LAN and this HTPC has additionally an internal W-LAN module.

Now connect the external power supply with the 19V connection and we can start this HTPC or NetTop or Barebone device.

Operation and first start of the ASRock ION330HT Blu Ray HTPC …