Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Black Edition Review

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The RGB and fan control in the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Black Edition is provided by a combined RGB and fan control module. It can supply up to six case fans with either 7V or 12V with up to 1.5A each. A precise PWM control of the fans is of course not possible and the power levels can only be selected via the push button on the front of the housing. In addition, the module can supply up to three RGB LED lighting elements with up to 1.5A each. The total power consumption of the fans and RGB elements must not exceed 4.5A. All RGB outputs are electrically connected so that all connected LEDs always receive the same signal. The following picture shows the 3-pin fan connection and the 4-pin 12V RGB connection.

3-pin aRGB lighting elements must not be connected to this controller, as this can lead to unpredictable damage. In contrast to the fan control, the RGB control can be taken over from the motherboard, which also has a 4-pin RGB connector. The module is powered by a SATA power connector. Similar to the rear 2.5″ HHD holder, the combination control module is also securely screwed to the rear of the mainboard carrier board.

The integrated RGB LEDs are seamlessly integrated into the housing at the top in 3 elements and at the bottom at the length edges and offer an amazingly high luminosity.

The following video in the OCinside YouTube Channel shows how cool the RGB lighting on the Cosmos C700P BE looks, whereby the motherboard has helped the case to a few more effects and colors. Classic changing of the colors red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, white, monochrome flashing or constant light can also be done by the RGB controller.
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