Seagate Constellation.2 ST91000640NS 1TB HDD Review

SSDs are currently the first choice for a high performance at very small dimensions. The SSD prices are getting lower, so that now even 256 GB or 512 GB are getting affordable. But those who would like to equip their notebooks with a bigger drive like e.g. 1 TB, will probably buy a conventional hard drive. And even for desktop PCs or servers a 2.5-inch hard drive can make sense, which Seagate is showing us with their fast Seagate Constellation.2 … Continue reading Seagate Constellation.2 ST91000640NS 1TB HDD Review

CeBIT 2013 Coverage

The CeBIT 2013 computer fair in Hanover showed also in this year a lot of new products. On the following 10 pages of our CeBIT 2013 report you will see approx. 150 pictures with new IT products. This CeBIT 2013 report is hardware related and contains new Haswell and Mini-ITX motherboards, chassis, cooler, PSUs, SSDs, memory modules, NAS and wireless storage solutions. It is only available in German language, but it is worth watching the pictures or use a … Continue reading CeBIT 2013 Coverage

Xigmatek Gigas Review

The Xigmatek Gigas PC case does not look like a standard Midi-Tower, but rather like a subwoofer in a high-quality aluminium chassis. So the enthusiast can decide to use the Xigmatek Gigas case cube made of brushed aluminium as HTPC in the living room or as stylish gaming PC. Because the case is not only very attractive, but provides also great cooling for high-end PC hardware. We examined the Xigmatek Gigas enclosure and test the practicality on the following 5 … Continue reading Xigmatek Gigas Review