gamescom 2019 Coverage

From August 20 to 24, 2019 one of the most important gaming fairs in Europe took place in Cologne, Germany. The team has of course immediately made its way to gamescom to publish the gamescom 2019 report with over 500 gamescom pictures and videos of new gaming hardware, current games, gaming seats, cosplayer, virtual reality, casemods, merchandise articles, retro consoles and crazy vehicles. You should not miss this!

gamescom 2019 Cologne Coverage – New gamescom Hardware 2019, Virtual Reality, gamescom 2019 Games, Cosplayer and much more!

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This picture shows the current plan of the gamescom trade fair halls in Cologne.

Well then, welcome to gamescom 2019!

The following gamescom focuses are touched upon on the following pages with almost 500 pictures and videos:
gamescom entrance – Start of the gamescom 2019
Cosplayers – Cosplay on the Cologne fairground
Current Games 2019 – Games with release date 2019 and 2019
Virtual Reality – VR Glasses and Mixed Reality
Gaming Hardware – New Gaming Hardware 2019
Gaming Seats – From gaming chairs to racing simulator cockpits at gamescom
Casemods – Casemods at gamescom 2019
Vehicles – Vehicles on gamescom 2019
Merchandise – Merchandise Area
Retro – Retro Games and Retro Consoles
Gamescom impressions – Impressions of the gamescom 2019
End – Conclusion of the gamescom 2019 Gaming-Fair

Here is a summary of the latest Hardware News.
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