Intel LGA1150 CPU OC Guide – Overclock Intel Core i7, i5, i3 and Pentium

The CPU frequency of Intel LGA1150 processors is composed by the so-called reference clock (BCLK), the multiplier and another multiplier is for the Turbo. Additionally there is the so-called Ring Bus or Uncore and the Cache Ratio. An Intel Core i5-4690K LGA1150 processor with the part number BX80646I54670K has e.g. a BCLK of 100 MHz and a multiplier of 34, which results in a frequency of approx. 3.4 GHz (100.00 MHz x 34 = 3400 MHz):

There are a number of other frequencies that you can adjust by the UEFI Setup automatically, or manually, or even not, depending on the motherboard used. We start right now with the two most important settings to increase the CPU frequency.

Adjust dependent frequencies and other basic settings …