Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi PiCam Review

Raspberry Pi und Raspberry Pi PiCam Review Raspberry cake at OCinside.de – of course overclocked. In the German kitchen the Raspberry Pie is rather less common. However, a device is becoming increasingly popular, which owes its name to this very sweet fruit cake. The Raspberry Pi single board computer. In this test, we will look more closely at the shooting star of the single-board computers and clarify who could use it. Furthermore, we will also test the PICAM – a … Continue reading Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi PiCam Review

SDR Guide

DVB-T Stick SDR Guide – SDR-Receiver with DVB-T USB Stick … Almost everyone has it in his electronic accessories box – a DVB-T USB stick. Actually, it was a good idea, but with the introduction of digital TV Everywhere-DVB-T there rises the mighty cable, satellite and IPTV lobby. And so many parts of Germany are supplied only with the bare minimum. But as a resourceful hobbyist you do not throw those sticks away … Now there is a great possibility … Continue reading SDR Guide

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Review

The first mice looked like carved from a block of plastic, today, there are plenty of much sleeker mice out there. This has become necessary in view of the increasing demands for ergonomics and modifier keys are becoming increasingly important for gamers. A well-known manufacturer of gaming mice is Logitech. The latest creation from Logitech, we want to take you for a little more closely today – the G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse. Thanks for the support … Many thanks … Continue reading Logitech G502 Proteus Core Review

Philips G-line 272G5DY Review

Today we are testing the Philips Brilliance 272G5DY G-line 144 Hz Gaming Monitor with nVidia G-Sync. There used to be monochrome monitors, either green/black or amber/black for example, on which Larry Laffer has entertained for hours. Powered by graphic cards that are found today only in museums or in the lunar module. Then came the redemption, not only for visitors of Lan Parties – the flat panel display – also TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display called. Almost 40 years after … Continue reading Philips G-line 272G5DY Review