Crucial MX200 1TB SSD Review

Who like to assemble a new PC or want to replace the old hard drive with a fast SSD, needs to select the proper size. If you do not know, if 250 GB or 500 GB is really enough capacity, you should read this review of the brand-new MX200 with 1 TB. Because after the previous test of the MX200 with 500 GB we want to test the 1 Terabyte type of the MX200 on today. We compare the … Continue reading Crucial MX200 1TB SSD Review

OCinside 2.0 and big Contest

More than 15 years ago, is published in the Web and reaches a wide visitor range with several hundreds of reviews and tutorials. Since years, is not only publishing articles about PC overclocking, but rather about every interesting hardware. Minor updates included in the daily business, but now the largest update of along with new logo is succeeded still on time for the CeBIT 2015. Certainly there will be some readers who are looking back to the … Continue reading OCinside 2.0 and big Contest

CH Products Pro Pedals USB Review

CH Products Pro Pedals USB Review One of the major controls for an aircraft is the rudder. Not only during flight, to move left or right, but also to guide it on the ground by steering the nose wheel. It is just the same on your home computer playing flight simulators. It might be sufficent to map only 2 keys on the keyboard for these functions but the ambitious flight simulator pilot wishes to add more realism. Exactly for this … Continue reading CH Products Pro Pedals USB Review

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Review

Some older gamer might still remember it … One of the most famous joystick in the world was the Atari CX-40 – an orange button with a black handle. Nearly 30 years later, the technology has made great progress so that we can proudly present the latest generation of joysticks today – the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog. In fact, it is a set of two devices. As the name implies, HOTAS means Hands On Throttle And Stick. So take your seat, … Continue reading Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Review

Crucial MX200 500GB SSD Review

The new Crucial MX200 SSD series is announced, which is not only very performant, but also designed for a higher reliability. The Crucial MX200 series is currently available with a capacity of 250 GB and 500 GB up to 1 TB. We have tested the new Crucial MX200 SSD CT500MX200SSD1 with 500 GB, compare it with the Crucial C300, m4, M500, M550 and MX100 and compete many more Solid State Drives and Hard Drives against it. Thanks for the support … Continue reading Crucial MX200 500GB SSD Review

Rapoo E6700 Review

Rapoo E6700 ReviewIf you followed from the beginning, you surely know about our numerous USB Infrared Receiver guides and kits to remotely control a HTPC and turn it on and off. So you can operate the PC in the living room with a commercial remote control from the sofa. However, you might want to write something or make system settings and that is more difficult with a universal remote control. For this purpose, a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with touchpad, … Continue reading Rapoo E6700 Review