PC Case Reviews

Gigabyte iSolo 230 PC Case Review

The new Gigabyte iSolo 230 chassis is available in black, metallic and in silver, whereby we reviewed the black version in this test report. Gigabyte set with the iSolo 230 a high value on the design, but also on a nice finish and a very good air flow. Above all, several small features like the blue illuminated power button and the preparation for a water cooler enhance the result. Thanks for the support … Many thanks for the support with … Continue reading Gigabyte iSolo 230 PC Case Review

CM Storm Sniper PC Case Review

The CM Storm Sniper chassis offers the best air circulation and a lot of well-thought-out features which makes PC gamers life easier. Cooler Master introduced a new name with CM Storm, which is build in co-operation with the gaming community and is particularly interesting for gamers. Can the CM Storm Sniper PC case make the grade of the high gaming requirements? Yes, it can! Because the Sniper PC easily won the since 1999 well-known Redaktion Overclocking Dream Award. Thanks … Continue reading CM Storm Sniper PC Case Review

Aerocool S9 Standard PC Case Review

This new Aerocool S9 case is offered currently in three different editions. The S9 pro version impresses with an enormous 400mm fan in the side panel, the S9 A version is provided with an acrylic glass side panel and the tested S9 standard version can take two 120mm fans in the side panel. In all three versions the Aerocool S9 chassis provides good air circulation, because there is an additionally pre-mounted 120mm fan with LED lighting in the front and … Continue reading Aerocool S9 Standard PC Case Review

Sunbeamtech Silent Storm / Silent Twister Case Review

Build a complete PC without any screws ? Nearly, because a few screws are still needed, but thanks to several tool-less mechanisms all drives up to the hard disks, as well as the expansion cards can be installed without any screws. After the recently published test report of the Sunbeamtech Tuniq 2 case, there’s now the current Mid-Tower from Sunbeamtech reviewed on This inexpensive case appeared with the name Silent Storm and got the name Silent Twister within Europe. … Continue reading Sunbeamtech Silent Storm / Silent Twister Case Review