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Lamptron CM615 Review


We do a lot to make your small rotating noisemakers in the PC case more silent. In addition to sound insulation and decoupling, there are more ways to achieve this. Or just install a fan controller to pulse the fan voltage or reduce the fan voltage. The air flow is then usually still enough for a good cooling, but the volume of the fan is massively reduced. The offer on the PC market is manageable, and controller starts with simple … Continue reading Lamptron CM615 Review

Scythe Kaze Master II Review


There is a wide variety of fan controllers. The more important is to find the optimal control for noisy fans, which is not only functional but also visually appealing. Many controllers start with the voltage at 7 volts or look as if they had been removed from a 1990s PC – here Scythe offers an alternative. For some people here, Scythe will already be a household name in terms of great CPU coolers. But in addition to fans and coolers, … Continue reading Scythe Kaze Master II Review

Aerocool Modern-V Double Bay Panel Fan Controller Review


More than 7 years ago, the first fan controller review was published on the hardware portal. When you compare the older Digital Doc 5 fan controller with the current Aerocool Modern-V, it’s easy to see one big difference, because especially the design of the new LCD panel is much more beautiful. Let us see if the operation, technology and price of the Aerocool Modern-V fan controller is also recommendable. Thanks for the support … Many thanks for the support … Continue reading Aerocool Modern-V Double Bay Panel Fan Controller Review